Wednesday Afternoon Weather Update

It got downright cold this morning with the official low at the airport right at 30 degrees….. But since we don’t live at the airport I’ll let you know that most of the suburbs got down into the mid and upper 20’s with a few teens in the northern counties. The NWS has bumped up the watch in the area to a Freeze warning as they are expecting temps to get down into the lower 30’s and some upper 20’s tomorrow in the morning. Here is Plotter

the map for the areas under a warning for tomorrow morning. My thinking is that most of us will stay right at the freezing mark or just slightly below, I am officially going with a low of 34 in Atlanta, but the burbs will be in the upper 20’s and lower 30’s.

As we shift our attention to the weekend, it unfortunately look to be a mess again with rain likely Friday, Saturday, and Sunday… There is also a very slim chance that we could see a few strong storms early on Saturday. Here is the risk area from the SPC for the area for day3otlk_0730

Friday into early Saturday morning and for the most part I am expecting all the real strong storms to stay out to the west Friday night, but there is that slim chance that early Saturday morning a few could sneak into the area in the NW sections of the state. Here is sat 500

the GFS for Saturday afternoon and you will see a potent disturbance coming through the area, however most of the intense upper energy will stay to the north so my thinking on this is that we will just see rain with a few storms early on Saturday morning. Then after the rain moves out we will see some partial cleaning with afternoon temps making it into the upper 60’s and lower 70’s.

For Friday, and Saturday here are the radar images from the NAM:Fri am radarSat am

There is the chance that Saturday afternoon could be nice enough to get outside, I will have a better handle on that by tomorrow afternoon. As for temps for the next few days, here is what I am forecasting:


64                66                    72                      66                      69                     70                    73

34                52                    56                      45                      46                     49                    52

40%                60%                  40%

Here is what the NAM is saying for the next few days as well starting with Tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow afternoon will be the next of the next 3 days!Thu am tempsthus temps

Here is then NAM for Saturday as we will see temps in the lower 70’s by the afternoonSat temps

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