Storm Chances Still Up for Tomorrow

As of around 9:15 EDT it has been a relatively minor event in terms of tornadoes. There have only been 2 reports of tornadoes out to the west, a lot of very large hail, for tornadoes it has been minor. Here is the latest storm report from the SPC, only 2 tornado

As the system ejects towards the NE we will see the line start to weaken to the west around 1-3am and start to move closer towards Georgia. The system has slowed down a bit so they will be around 3 hours behind the previous blog I put out.nam_z500_uv_vort_se_10 The weak line will move into NW Georgia around 11am-noon and continue to weaken as they approach the metro area. Here is a look at the upper support and the timing at around 4pm above and you will see that by around 4pm the weak storms will have cleared the metro area. Here is what the WRF is saying for the storm timing as the line moves in around Noon to the NW. Here is the progression from Noonnoon to 4pm4pm and you can see that the line weakens …. I think this area will re fire south of the metro and we could see a few severe storms capable of producing damaging winds with a small threat of an isolated tornado south of the Atlanta area.

For the area in NW Georgia all the way to Atlanta we are looking at garden variety storms from Noon – around 3 or 4pm with little to no threat for anything severe.

On a scale of 1-10 I am looking at a high 1 for the area from Atlanta to the NW. As for the southern part of the metro south of I-20 we are looking a around a 3 tomorrow after 4pm.

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2 Responses to Storm Chances Still Up for Tomorrow

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    Mike, Thank you for your blog, for giving us very knowledgable information that is clear, understandable and trustworthy in making us aware without being frightening. I am very grateful! Lynn Taylor Sent from my iPhone


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