Easter Weekend Forecast

As we head into the weekend once again we are looking at gray skies with rain chances through Easter Sunday. You can talk a look at the image below and see that tomorrow by around 9am there will be a powerful disturbance to the SW forming up.nam_z500_uv_vort_east_10

This will essentially cut off and give us a chance of rain for all three days in the holiday weekend with the exception of Sunday afternoon. Here is the WRF’s interpretation of the radar tomorrow morning at 7am, 1pm, and 11pm tomorrow night. Notice that it starts out light in the morning, and increases during the afternoon with the heaviest banding running right a long I-85 and SE. As for temps tomorrow we can expect mid to upper 50’s all day long. This heavy rain will stay in this area through early Saturday morning then slowly move east throughout the day.

Fri 7am radarFri 1pm Radarhires_ref_atl_40

By the time Saturday morning rolls around, the rain will be tapering off but there is a good chance we could see upwards of 2-3 inches SE of the 85 corridor through Saturday morning. Here is the forecasted rain totals for this wave of rain.rain totals

For the remainder of the day we will be in a partial wedge across the entire area, unless you live in the NW part of the state where you will be in the mid to upper 60’s and some lower 70’s. For the entire metro area, however, we will be in clouds and temps in the upper 50’s and lower 60’s. Sat 7pmAs for easter Sunday, we can expect some lingering clouds in the morning with temps starting in the 50’s, but by noon we will be sunny with temps making it into the 60’s. By the time 4pm roll around we will all be in the lower 70’s for a gorgeous Easter Sunday afternoon!Sun 1pm temps

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