Severe Weather Threat for Tonight Going Down

I would like to start this blog by saying that I pride myself on accuracy, especially when it comes to severe and crazy changing weather. It’s easy to be a meteorologist when it is sunny and 75 every day, but that is not the type of weather I live for. With that said tonight is not going to be the night that I had been speaking about for the last few days, it simply is not going to happen which is good!! Storms in the Gulf area have robbed us of a lot of the moisture we were supposed to have and it also gave us continuous cloud coverage which kept the temps down…. Here is the current radar and satellite from the Gulf area.simuawips-19

In a nutshell, I am backing down from my forecasts that I had put out earlier and am going with some storms tonight with some on the severe side. I am not 100% coming off my wording that I used earlier where I talked about the chance of tornadoes, that is still there with some of the storms that come in overnight, but NOWHERE near as bad as originlly thought. Look what storms in the Gulf did to the instability for us here in N Georgia. It was  forecasted to be around 2-2500 and tonight it is non existent….hrrr_cape_atl_5

So here is the HRR’s version of what is going to be happening tonight through tomorrow morning starting with the first image at 10pm, then 1am, then 7am. hrrr_ref_atl_5



hrrr_ref_atl_14Again, notice that the southern extent of the area is the area that will be seeing the best chance for severe weather. For us here in the metro area our best chance to see storms will be between 10pm and 7am, and the main threat will be damaging winds.

On a scale of 1 – 10 I give tonight a 3 for the threat of damaging winds and isolated tornadoes.. 

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One Response to Severe Weather Threat for Tonight Going Down

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    I just wanted to say Thank You for helping us get through a rough couple of days. Tornadic type storms frighten me but your information is accurate and knowledgable without being sensationalized. When you say it’s serious my husband and I know it’s really serious and time to take heed! Thanks for being an experienced voice of reason for us! Sincerely, Kelly and Lynn Taylor

    Sent from my iPhone


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