More T-Storms, Then The Heat is On

It has been a stormy last couple of days as a weak disturbance has sat right on top of us and popped the storms. Well, this disturbance will be pushed off towards the NE as a new tropical disturbance comes in from the SE and will change our pattern ….. for the drier and hotter side of things. Here is the tropical disturbance by early Saturday morning and you can see that as it moves in from the SE, it will quickly move out to the NE.sat am 50 We will be on the northern edge of this so we will be in the zone that sees sinking air and guess what that means…. rain shuts off and heats cranks up. Notice the NAM forecast for rain Fri, Sat, and Sun and how it looks weaker and weaker every day.Fri pmSat PM Sun PM At the same time the temps over the next few days go up and up, by Saturday afternoon we are back in the mid 90’s!!

Yeah, it’s still summer so the summertime pattern will continue with temps in the upper 80’s and a few days in the lower 90’s… but…. Yes, you knew there was a big but in there (Not that kind of butt, get your mind out of the gutter LOL) the first big taste of fall looks to be coming in next week with the EURO still on track for a big shot of Canadian air coming down in this direction. Here is next Friday morning from the EURO and for us it is still left to be determined, but the northern portion of the US will see their first days in the 30’s for morning temps!! The first image is temps around 5k ft , then the 2nd one is the surface temps.850 next Fri

SFC next Fri

Yes, the pattern we had last winter still looks to be holding to allow us to potentially have another colder than average winter, I will have my fall forecast coming up soon! And it is almost time to start talking about persimmon seeds and all those fun folk things!

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I thank all of you for your continued support through this transition I continue to go through and thank you in advance for all the help with getting my new business going!

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