It’s The Polar Vortex!!! Run!!! Actually, It’s Just Normal Cold Temps Heading South

Having been out of TV for almost a year now, I have the pleasure of watching the hype go on and on about the “Polar Vortex” and all that goes along with it…. It’s fall and soon to be winter people, that’s what happens when we see the seasons change, this is perfectly normal. For a good period of time (I would need to do some research on this so this is just shooting from the hip on this), mainly from the mid to late 90’s through the 2000’s we saw a very warm period where it didn’t seem like we would ever get cold and when we did it didn’t seem to last long at all. This is also the time that all the garbage about global warming hit the airwaves and that we had ruined the atmosphere….. never to see a cold winter again!!! Pfffff!! Tell that to some of my friends in Minnesota and Wisconsin that have braved 3 BRUTAL winters in a row and another one set to be brutal as well this year. Why??? It’s winter folks, that’s what happens in winter….. It gets cold and sometimes we see snow….. Ok, I’m off my soapbox now 🙂

The polar vortex is just a chunk of cold air that goes front he surface to the upper levels of the atmosphere that dislodges from the Arctic and heads south. This is a prime of example of this happening right here, look over the Dakotas and you will see it. Notice it does not have horns and it does not look like a monster 🙂polar vortex

So, this blast of cold air is heading down in this direction and will make its arrival tomorrow around 1-2pm in the metro Atlanta area. We will see a mild start to the day tomorrow and by mid day we will see mainly 60’s and then boom! Down below is noon tomorrow across most of the area. A more zoomed in version is right below.Noon Wed Tempsecmwf_t2m_atl_6

The cold front will arrive and drop this temps into the 40’s by around 4pm. Here is the progression of the  cold front from tomorrow mid day all the way through Saturday morning when we will see temps drop into the 20’s across most of the metro area. This is for tomorrow by late afternoon when most of us will be in the 50’s by 4-5pmwed temps


Thursday afternoon temps are going to be chilly, highs will be in the 40’secmwf_t2m_atl_10

We will stay cold all the way through the weekend with saturday morning temps bottoming out in the 20’s across most of the metro area. This is the EURO from Saturday morning.Saturday mornoing temps

After this we are going to wedge as another disturbance comes in from the SW which will do two things, actually 3. It will keep us cold and cloudy Saturday and Sunday, then keep us cold and bring us rain on Sunday….. some of the mountains could see S N O W…. Uh oh, I said it….. Yes! Not a lot and it will be mainly in the far N Georgia mountains, but some of the higher elevations will see some Sunday morning. I will have better details over the next few days. Also make sure you read below to get on my daily forecasts that I will be starting tomorrow that you will get in your email every morning.

You can clearly see the wedge on the temp map here for Sunday afternoon, then comes the rain! Yes, plan on Sunday being the first cave day of the fall of 2014!!Sunday Mid Day temps

Here is the rain for Sunday afternoon that will move in and give us a gray and yuck day!Sunday Afternoon Rain

There are more interesting things lined up over the middle part of next week that I will keep a track of, my new business has had me buried so I haven’t been able to keep up with the weather like I used to…

I am going to start a daily forecast for everyone who would like one delivered to their inbox every morning. Go to my website by clicking here and register. Yes it is my real estate site, but I won’t put you into the real estate part of it, I will put you in as “weather geek” and you will just get my weather stuff. Thanks again for all of your support!!

As most of you know, my days on the tube are a thing of the past, but I will keep my extreme love for the weather alive through my blog and social media presence. I am now in the business of real estate so if you would like to support this blog and my “hobby” of weather please register at my real estate website and pass the word along that “that bald dude that loves tornadoes” would love to earn your business.

The address is , and you can register in the upper right hand corner. Thanks as always for your continued support!!

On the right hand side under the facebook and twitter feeds you can subscribe to the blog and you will get an email every time I update it.

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