It’s Gonna Get Cold!

Ok, yes it’s winter and this is what happens right? Well, we live south of the good old Mason Dixon Line and as a southerner, I am not a fan of anything below 60… When it gets down into the 40’s and 30’s I shiver, but when it gets into the teens I become useless LOL! That is the type of air mass that is heading down in this direction and will arrive here on Wednesday. Here is the EURO image comparing tomorrow night to Thursday night and you can see that cold air invasion for sure! The first image is for tomorrow at 7pm, the second is for Thursday at 7pm.

Tuesday PMThu PM

AS you can see, that cold air via Canada plunges all the way down into the deep south, even moving into parts of Florida! As I get in a bit closer to the N Georgia area we can see that temps rise only into the low to mid 40’s for highs, then plummet to the upper 20’s by the evening on Wednesday:Wednesday 7pm


By Thursday morning we will see most of the N Georgia area in the upper teens for lows, some of the colder spots will see single digits! Get those cameras ready for a fun  low temp contest early Thursday morning! Here are the forecast morning temps for Thursday… yuck!!Thursday 7am

We will only see highs on Thursday afternoon in the 30’s!!! The countdown to spring is on!

If you want to have daily emails about the forecast, check out the information below.

s most of you know, my days on the tube are a thing of the past, but I will keep my extreme love for the weather alive through my blog and social media presence. I am now in the business of real estate so if you would like to support this blog and my “hobby” of weather. I am going to start a daily forecast for everyone who would like one delivered to their inbox every morning. Go to my website by clicking here and register. Yes it is my real estate site, but I won’t put you into the real estate part of it, I will put you in as “weather geek” and you will just get my weather stuff with an occasional non weather email, don’t be scared I won’t spam you with marketing stuff. Thanks again for all of your support!!

Thanks as always for your continued support!! You guys are the best!!!

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