Winter Storm Warning Pushed North

Morning all, the winter storm warning that was talked about the last few days has been pushed to the north. This wedge just doesn’t have enough cold air in place to give us sleet and freezing rain in the metro area. Here is the latest watch area:Plotter

The area in the pink is the area that is under the warning which is for sleet and freezing rain. Right now we have a SE component to the winds across all of N Georgia and the temps are all above the freezing mark.2015021615_metars_mgm

With that in mind we will see a small warming trend throughout the day which will in turn lead to just rain and a few drops of sleet mixed in every one in a while. At the height of the “storm”, the far NE parts of the area could see a bit more sleet that down here in good old Atlanta, but for the most part this will be just a cold nasty rain. Here is the peak of the rain this afternoon according to the WRF close range model.hires_ref_atl_12

So, the “98% all clear” bell is now whistled and we can all breathe and eat our bread and milk sandwiches LOL!


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