Winter Weather Threat

Yeah…. So I’m in Dallas and I hear the chatter and all the people running for the hills… Even my daughter texts me about the impending snomageddon…. That is simply not going to be the case with this…. This system is so strong that ahead of it at around 5k ft there is a jet of intense warm air that is going to melt any snow that tries to come down, you can see it here in the temps at 3 this afternoon, they are in celsius and they are all 10-14F above the freezing mark.850

So for this first wave it will be all rain…. Now, as you head up 985 and get to around Gainesville you could run into a little sleet with this round this afternoon, but it will mainly be rain. Temps really need to be colder and air needs to be drier in the mid levels for massive sleet…Even at 6pm tonight temps will be in the mid 30’s so this will all be rain……sfc temps

It won’t be until this system transitions from the front of the storm to the backside of the storm will we see a chance of any type of winter weather and that won’t happen until later tonight and when that does, don’t expect much in terms of accumulations…. I’m not even expecting a dusting…. Maybe in the mountains…. This is the forecasted radar image from 7pm tonight and this was the “heaviest” winter weather at the height of “the storm” lol….

hires_ref_nc_15And this is the forecasted snow totals….. Meh…. Sorry kids! Most of this is going to be only rain, and some of this is melted sleet…. Some meteorologists will get caught up in just this image and not look at the actual physics behind what this means…..snowSo, bundle up and try to stay warm…

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1 Response to Winter Weather Threat

  1. clara sharp says:

    I’m just going to drink tequila through it.

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