Severe Weather Chances for 3/1/16

Ok weather geeks, here is a real quick blog. My apologies for not being as active as I once was but my business has taken off, that and raising three kids occupies a majority of my time… None the less, there is a chance for some storms tonight but the threat looks pretty marginal.. I don’t see a tornado threat, but there will be some loud ones come through. Here is the risk area from the SPCday1otlk_2000Yes, North Georgia is smack dab in the middle of this, but we just don’t have a tremendous amount of instability right now and the storms that have developed to the north are pretty weak, here is the current radar as of 5:15.Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 5.14.44 PMThe cold front that will come through after the storms will knock our temps back down into the 30’s tomorrow morning and 50’s tomorrow afternoon for highs… As for the storms, take a look at 500mb (18k ft) and notice the upper energy… It is what we weather dudes call positively tilted, in other words the energy is way into the back of the upper trough and won’t actually “kick out” until tomorrow… Typically these are non severe weather producing chunks of energy in this part of the country this time of year. This is for 10pm tonight.500 1amSo the energy at the upper levels is well behind the line that is going to move through the N Georgia area from around 9-11 tonight, here is the NAM radar forecast for tonight and you can see that big red blob moving through….. That is the cluster of storms that will create some thunder, a little wind, but I am not expecting tornadoes…hires_ref_atl_10

Tomorrow it is back to long sleeves and jackets! I’ll keep you updated and thanks again for still reading my stuff!

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